Savings Bank Trust Co.



Relocate a check clearing facility from New York City to Long Island to be close to the Federal Reserve Bank and design the New York City space for the executive offices.
Design the offices in traditional style with raised paneling and period furniture to satisfy the personal taste of the President/CEO.
Physical features of the building itself offered constraints.  Office ceiling heights were low.  The size of the freight elevator was small.  Building management’s rules disallowed noise from construction and use of the freight elevator during normal business hours.  Overtime work and installation of millwork seemed to be a necessity.
CFA used a creative approach to avoid overtime costs as much as possible.  The paneling was designed in separate small segments so that the pieces slid easily into the freight elevator.  The segments fit together as furniture to accommodate the low ceilings and  did not require a noisy installation. Therefore, the installation was able  to take place during regular hours.  CFA saved the client a substantial amount of money.