Letters of Appreciation

………We at Lever Brothers have been well satisfied with the performance of you and your firm in the jobs you have undertaken for us. Specifically, the planning and design suggestions for offices, conference rooms, corridors and lobby in our Research Center have done much to improve its appearance without substantially adding to the costs we would have incurred following our normal internal practices. You have shown flexibility and good will in modifying designs to meet our ideas and needs and in working with a variety of laboratory managers. Your designs for our relocated Engineering offices in New York have been well received and are a significant improvement over earlier facilities.
F.H. Healey, Vice President, Research and Development
Lever Brothers Co. Research Center 45 River Road. Edgewarer NJ 07020
………I have enjoyed our relationship though the past few years. Your design work and concepts have always been responsive to our needs and budget. Our offices have emerged from a kaleidoscope of colors and appointments into a professional facility where the right atmosphere is created in a pleasant working environment. We are all delighted with the results.
Thomas O’Brien, President & Chief Executive Officer
North Side Savings Bank 170 Tulip Avenue Floral Park, NY, 11001
………The redesign of the first floor of our corporate headquarters exceeded our wildest expectations. You satisfied all of our requirements and accomplished the design within our budget and time frame. Although we kept the workstation sizes to a minimum, no one feels hemmed in and there is a wonderful sense of space and order.
Susan Isidori
Thermwell Products Co., Inc. 150 East 77th Street Patterson, NJ, 07524
………Based on the recent expeditious, economical and professional approach of Carol Franklin on our Seattle facility, I recommend we contact her ASAP and offer this project
The Hartford
Memo to: Doug Filly, Director Office Administration from: James Stanulis, Director Regional Leasing Subject: Baltimore Regional Office
………Please accept the thanks and appreciation of the Task Force on New Jersey History for the outstanding report that you and your colleagues have submitted for our review. Your description of the problems of Ringwood and Skylands can also be applied to many sites owned by the state of New Jersey as well as other non-profits (private, county and municipally owned). Indeed, the issue of deteriorating sites and collections was a major impetus for the state’s establishment of our task force in the first place. Therefore I intend to see that all of these issues are addressed strongly, and therefore your input is most valuable. Please be assured that your report will be taken very seriously and will be included within our recommendations to Governor Whitman.
Barbara J. Mitnick, Chair.
Task Force on New Jersey History