Consolidate all New Jersey branches into one new 500,000 square foot corporate headquarters and provide lifestyle amenities to attract new employees as the site was miles from the nearest town.

    Find an interior design firm to take complete charge of the entire project already in the initial architectural stage. The president of Chubb’s construction company told the frustrated Chubb Executive VP responsible for the project: “There is only one firm for you. Call Carol Franklin.”

    CFA was awarded the interior planning and design and also put in charge of coordinating the architectural and construction teams. As the new kid on the block and defacto team leader, CFA had the Herculean task of blending the various organizations into a unified working team.

    CFA focused on the business and personal needs of the employees. The corporate headquarters consisted of five 100,000 square foot interconnecting buildings. The distances meant that CFA’s space-planning of the departmental adjacencies was critical in order to maximize productivity.
  • CFA gained the support and enthusiasm of the employees by having them vote their preference on an ergonomically correct workstation competition between five manufactures. Their winning system was purchased and installed. CFA created a small town mini-mall where employees could complete their daily errands in a bank, library, video rental store, florist, dry cleaner, hair salon/barber shop, shoe repair shop, stationery-gift shop and fitness center. In the 600 seat cafeteria, which was divided into varied intimate areas, they could gather, dine, socialize and refresh their energies.

    At a huge cost savings for Chubb, CFA blended an enormous inventory of existing furniture with new and gave old colors an entirely new look.

    The project has been published all over the country many times.
  • Location:

    Warren Township, N.J.