Design the interiors of a new corporate headquarters building.

    Find a firm that could design the interior of the new building. Three previous designers failed to fulfill the client’s requirements.

    The client required a gigantic art studio used to design and fabricate point-of-purchase advertising displays, the heartbeat of the company. There was not enough space within the existing footprint of the building. A primary concern was the corridors which had to be very wide to accommodate the transfer of huge rigid displays.

    An alternative to expanding the building had to be found. CFA’s space planning met that challenge by eliminating the outer corridor wall and a huge file room. The files were relocated along the corridor. The corridor, which provided circulation throughout the building for people and product, was designed as an open figure 8 path. This added aesthetics and efficiency to the workspace. The wide corridor provides plenty of space for the transfer of huge displays and opening the file drawers. The ceiling houses a light-well that mirrors the walkway and provides light for reading the files. The file cabinets act as a breakaway corridor wall, providing privacy for the workstations behind. The file cabinets are capped with ivy-filled planters that bring the warmth of foliage to the space without taking up any floor space. All needs were met and 3 extra work areas were squeezed out as well.
  • Location:

    Englewood, N.J.