Competition Winner  Carol Franklin Associates, Inc. 


    Design the interiors of a hotel with a 20 story high atrium lobby. The hotel consists of 200 guest rooms, executive suites, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and multiple dining facilities. Special features of the hotel are a major shopping mall on the main floor and the Eagles Nest, a rotating restaurant atop the hotel.

    Design the hotel under Prudential’s financial management and in accordance with Hyatt’s “Regency” hospitality design standards. Expand the Eagles Nest to increase the capacity of the bar and dining areas. Relieve Hyatt’s purchasing staff by assigning the purchasing responsibility to CFA.

    The revolving restaurant had to be re-engineered to two levels in the space where it was originally one level. In the middle of the project the budget was cut in half. The project had to be “fast tracked” in order to be ready for the Colts opening football game of the season.

    To create more space for the Eagles Nest an upper level was required. CFA worked with the original engineering company to modify the existing rotating gears and to add a staircase. To compensate for the reduced budget CFA adjusted the use of materials without impacting the design: brass tape was substituted for solid brass trim; oak veneer wall-covering was substituted for solid oak panels. The dining area was carpeted and a cork floor was installed in the bar. All items for purchase were heavily bid. In order to fully utilize the potential of the main floor shopping mall, CFA designed the hotel to appeal to local business men and women as well as visitors coming to see the Indianapolis Colts.
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