Create a New York City presence for State Bank of Long Island. The site was to be shared with two other firms that work closely with the bank.

    For State Bank of Long Island, design upscale offices for private banking where large loans could be negotiated. For the other two firms design operational offices for research, analysis and trading investment products.

    The rental loss factor (elevators, staircase, public halls, and restrooms) was so great that the usable space was limited. Each company had a different budget yet the entire project had to have a unified look. Security between the interactive firms became an issue.

    To conserve space, CFA suggested that all three firms share the entrance, conference rooms, mail room, copy room, and kitchen. The designers used rich dark woods in the executive banking area. For the other firms they used laminate with wood trim that matches the wood in the banking area. One carpet throughout visually ties all spaces together. Security was accomplished by giving each firm card access readers with different codes. CFA met the budget requirements, solved security issues and coordinated all three spaces.
  • Note of Interest:

    Thomas O’Brien, President/CEO of banks since 1980, has selected Carol Franklin as space planner-interior designer on almost every move he has made. Their working relationship has been so successful they now work on a handshake as their contract.
  • Location

    New York City, NY