Lever Brothers Laboratories







    CFA was retained to design a new state-of–the art laboratory facility for research and development of new products in Lever Brother’s various divisions: Food, Personal Care and Home Care. The building would be designed by the selected engineering firm and Carol Franklin Associates Inc.

    Earmark most of the money for the best quality laboratory equipment and have easy access to gas and water shut off valves.

    Create a space that met all technical requirements but also met a bare bones budget.

    Products surrounding the actual laboratory equipment were selected to meet toxicity and flammability codes while conforming to that bare bones budget: Granite was rejected in favor of acid-resistant laminate for lab bench counters. Washable, non-toxic paint was used only 8 feet high in labs which had 12 foot high walls: less expensive paint was used above. No hung ceilings were installed; ducts were exposed. Pendant mounted fluorescent light fixtures were hung from slab. In the corridors outside of the laboratories, lightweight removable wall panels provided easy access to the faucets and valves that control the flow of gas to the laboratory benches.
  • Notes of Interest:

    CFA was invited to redesign the same facility every ten years. The firm was also invited to redesign the interiors of Unilever’s corporate headquarters, the famous Lever House on New York’s Park Avenue. CFA also developed corporate standards for Unilever facilities throughout the entire nation.
  • Location:

    Edgewater, NJ